Dancing Free with Emilie

Dancing Free is an embodied movement class incorporating guided improvisation, storytelling, meditative relaxation, and great music.

Take a step, and release the natural movement within your body. Dancing Free classes are a safe space to mindfully enjoy movement, with great music and heaps of physical and mental wellbeing benefits. These sessions are verbally guided throughout. We will always begin with a relaxing and meditative body scan (one of my favourites!). As we enter the parasympathetic nervous system, I will continue to verbally guide you into movement utilising imaginative stimuli, encouraging movement play and embodiment practices. We will take an imaginative journey into the body, the sense of self, and the raw movement that lies within – leading to an energetic, cathartic and heartfelt dance before retiring for a short relaxation.

Move, Dance, Improvise

With Kuba Jursza

Two exciting joint workshops will be taking place this September. A great chance to explore dance and movement with the provision of moves and sequences as a starting point for exploration.

Forest Arts Centre

Dancing Free is coming back to Forest Arts Centre! Join me every Saturday, 9.30am for 6 weeks! Taking place Saturday 24th September – Saturday 29th October 2022.


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Weekly Amethyst Cave Classes

We are taking a summer break from weekly classes at The Amethyst Cave. Do stay tuned as a late Autumn series may be announced in the Bournemouth area.


I can facilitate dance and movement classes for your group, organisation or event. If you need a movement/dance class that enables participants to:

  • release tension from joints and muscles
  • enjoy movement and movement play
  • delve into the mind-body relationship
  • creatively explore choreography
  • approach the body somatically
  • develop meditative abilities
  • and/or
  • develop improvisation skills

Then you are in the right place! I specialise in 1 to 2 hour sessions that suit your needs. Whether you are looking to support dance students with improvisation, choreography & embodiment skills. Or for a super fun, cathartic and conscious dance session with heaps of mental and wellbeing benefits for your event. Get in touch.

How it all started…

The Amethyst Cave


What do I need to bring to class?

Bring yourself and the willingness to move. Potentially blanket should you want your own & water. Plus cash if you are paying by cash.

Do I need any experience in dance?

Nope. You do not need any experience in dance – just the interest in moving the body for either fun, play, connection, spirituality, creativity or meditation.

Do I need to know what to do?

Nope. The joy of this class is that there is not ‘doing’ it right or wrong. We are there to explore movement, release tension and gain some great skills along the way. I will verbally guide you throughout the class so you will always have that to lean on should you need it. The joy of improvising is that you can move however you want to move in that moment.

Is there parking at the studio?

The Amethyst Cave is located on the main high street of Southbourne, meaning there is limited parking on the doorstep. There are a couple places directly outside if you are lucky, otherwise I would advise exploring some side roads.

What facilities are available?

There is a toilet and kitchen facilities should you need it.

Do I need to like mediation to enjoy this class?

Lying still can very difficult for some of us. The great thing though is that there is no pressure! We do spend the first 25mins approx on the floor utilising imagination and relaxation techniques – why not give it try and see how you feel.


4-Week Dancing Free course at Forest Arts in 2022
Join Emilie for a 4-week course from 12th March 2022.
Dancing Free selected to join Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures in their Overture Cohort 2021/22
Overture is the annual New Adventures professional development programme for dance artists and dance teachers
Dancing Free goes to Rumble Camp
Two Dancing Free workshops will be taking place over the first Rumble weekend, 12th-16th August 2021. Chesham UK.
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A year on from the wonderful evening with the creator of Birkiverse.

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